Sepqep is the largest gathering in the galaxy of speakers of the Morskan regional dialect. We butt heads forcefully; we speak Klingon; we fire curses; we play games; we enjoy a wonderful gathering. Join us!

Where will it occur?

It will occur in the capital of Texas (Austin). Pay attention to the exact meeting coordinates:

Austin Public Library
Windsor Park Branch
5833 Westminster Dr
Austin, TX 78723

When will it occur?

The first Sepqep will occur on Saturday, November 9th, 2019. We will meet between 10:00 and 17:00. In the middle of a day we will leave the book lender building for one or two hours in order to eat lunch. Examine our full itinerary.

How much money is required in order for one to join Sepqep?

Sepqep participants completely do not need to pay! If you want to join us, we ask only that you complete the form for the purpose of joining. You do not really need to complete it, but while we are planning the meeting the form assists us, so we certainly prefer that you complete it.

Is only the Morskan regional dialect spoken during Sepqep?

Other Klingon regional dialects and/or non-Klingon languages are also permitted, but the emperor’s dialect (standard Klingon) is forbidden.

Why are speakers of the Morskan regional dialect gathering?

Because Morska is wonderful and it makes us proud!

Why must I speak the Morskan regional dialect?

Nobody will force you. But if Morskan customs fascinate you and/or you expect that the next emperor’s origin will be Morska, then learn the Morskan regional dialect in order to speak it!